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Church History

God called and gifted Anthony B. Cason Sr. for pastoral ministry, to minister to the lost, saved, churched, and un-churched.  The Holy Spirit separated him to a work overseeing and feeding the flock of Heart of God Baptist Church.


Under the gift of the apostolic ministry, Pastor Cason went on a missionary journey which the Lord placed on his heart and should be called the Heart of God Mission.  The mission was to the Forestville-Capitol Heights Maryland area.


In November 2003, Pastor Cason began holding preaching, teaching, and prayer services at his home in Forestville, Md. During these services, the anointing of the Holy Spirit was fresh and powerful indicating that there was truly a need for this ministry in this area.  The effect that these services had on the unsaved, saved, churched, and un-churched souls was tremendous.


On January 4, 2004, the souls that were being ministered to by the Heart of God Mission gathered at Pastor Cason’s home in Forestville, Maryland. Pastor Cason shared with them that his Heart of God missionary journey was ending and that the Holy Spirit has led him to organize and plant the Heart of God Baptist Church of Forestville, Maryland.


During this gathering, Pastor Cason led these souls to the scriptures in the Holy Bible and showed them how the churches in the bible were established. After the scriptures were thoroughly searched and expounded upon, Pastor Cason presented to the gathering a church organization constitution and by-laws. 


After reviewing the church organization constitution and by-laws, the souls that were attending the gathering were asked:

1.      If they wanted to unite with the local Heart of God Baptist Church of Forestville, Maryland.

2.      Would they be willing to be governed by the church’s constitution and by-laws and be pastored by Anthony B. Cason Sr., under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Without hesitation, the souls that were gathered agreed and were on one accord with the in uniting with the local Heart of God Baptist Church of Forestville Maryland, having Anthony B. Cason Sr. as their pastor.


To the glory of God on January 11, 2004, Heart of God Baptist Church opened its doors and held it’s first corporate worship service at Central Senior High School’s Multipurpose Room in Capitol Heights Maryland.  The Holy Spirit manifested Himself mightily to all who attended and the name of Jesus was lifted high.


Heart of God Church celebrated its First Pastoral and Church Anniversary on January 14, 2005.


On June 26, 2005, Heart of God Baptist Church was recognized as a regular Missionary Baptist Church, by the Potomac River Baptist Association of Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia.


Minister Elaine Mitchell Sykes was licensed to preach the gospel in November 2005.


God’s People Praise Dancers were established in February 2006. The TC Youth Choir was formed in March 2006 and the Adult Choir was established in August 2006. Minister Robbie Redmond was licensed to preach the gospel in September 2006. The Male Chorus was established in November 2006.


In March of 2007, the Women’s Ministry was developed by First Lady Tawanna Cason, Minister Elaine Sykes, Sister Phyllis Lindsay, Sister Shameka Redmond and Mother Thelma Strickland.


In April of 2007, Deacons Frances Aquah and Daniel Brice were ordained.  In June 2007, Ministers Phyllis Lindsay and Jerome Grober were licensed to preach the gospel.


In August of 2007, Like Father/Like Son ministry was established by Minister in training, Dwon Williamson, Brother Russell Walker, and Pastor Anthony B. Cason, Sr.


In October of 2007, the Evangelism Out Reach Ministry was developed and organized by Pastor Cason. The captains of the Evangelism groups are Minister Jerome Grober, Deacon Fran Acquah, Deacon Daniel Brice and Trustee Violet Randolph.  Through this ministry, each group would talk to the community about the goodness of the Lord.  The community was encouraged to come and fellowship with Heart of God.  The group gave the community flyers and CDs called “God Is Knocking at Your Door.”


In February of 2008, Jamil Moses was appointed as Deacon-in-training by Pastor Cason.  In July of 2008, Anita Brice was appointed Deacon-in-training by Pastor Cason.  In December of 2008, Sister Shameka Redmond announced her call to the ministry.


The membership at Heart of God has increased from five to seventy-five members over the last five years.  We thank God for the increase.  


In May of 2009, Ministers Shameka Redmond, Dwon Williamson, and Dwight Baylor were licensed to preach the Gospel.


In August of 2009, Heart of God was blessed to purchase a 15 passenger van.  The van will be used for our outreach ministry.


In September of 2009, Heart of God relocated to 80 Ritchie Road, Capital Heights, Maryland.  Pastor Anthony Cason preached at the 11:00am and 4:00pm services.
The Friday Night youth fellowship started, which provides youth with spirit-filled fun including movies, bible study, games, line dancing, Karaoke, field trips and many more youth activities. The Friday fellowships provide the youth with an alternative to what the world would have them on Friday nights.


 In October of 2009, Heart of God had its first annual Officer’s Day as well as its first annual Fall Revival.  The "Daughters of Thunder," Ministers Elaine Sykes, Phyllis Lindsay and Shameka Redmond preached the revival.


In November of 2009 Men of Praise Mime Ministry was organized to the glory of God.
In July of 2010, the first Vacation Bible School was held. The theme was "God Is My Hero." 
In November of 2010, Heart of God initiated its first 7:45am Worship Service. The
service took place on November 7 at the church located on 80 Ritchie Road. The church published its first website with Sister Wakia Allen as the webmaster.
In December of 2010, the Youth Success Network (YSN) was established to teach and train the youth life skills that will help them be successful in all areas of their life. The church also celebrated its first Watch Night worship service at the new location and brought in the New Year by blessing and glorifying God for who He is and what He has done for the church.